Material carried back by your conveyor causes safety hazards, accelerates the wear on all your conveyor components, and is expensive to cleanup.

Our belt cleaners are designed to handle all of these tough problems. Especially recommended for facilities where corrosion is an issue or where the mounting surface is minimum.


  • Unsurpassed cleaning at the head pulley with a single-piece polyurethane blade
  • This non-segmented and curved blade self-sharpens as it eliminates carryback at the head pulley
  • This curved blade aggressively attacks stubborn carryback and is safe for mechanical splices.
  • Easy replacement in minutes.
  • Virtually maintenance free, its compact-mounting dimension require only 114mm of space to mount.
  • The polyurethane tensioner assures you that constant blade pressure is applied and held without having to retension it.
  • This constant blade pressure against the pulley is produced thanks to the torsion capacity of the polyurethane without having to resort to any mechanical part to create the tension.
  • Multiple blade options include:

    • Red: standard polyurethane
    • Blue: ceramic blade for high speed
    • Green: high temperature
    • Grey: high moisture
    • White: food grade
  • Available in stainless steel for the food and chemical industry.

Types of cleaners: