The training idler keep the belt in line, automatically correcting the misalignments of the conveyor belt and thus preventing material spillage or damages to the conveyor structure

400 475 CTN 400 DS
500 575 CTN 500 DS
650 725 CTN 650 DS
800 875 CTN 800 DS
1000 1115 CTN 1115 DS
1200 1315 CTN 1315 DS
1400 1515 CTN 1500 DS

Main characteristics

  • The Tri-Return Training Idler eliminates belt and structure damage caused by misalignment
  • Automatically adjusts misaligned belts by keeping belts aligned
  • Minimizes safety and health hazards associated with unstable material handling
  • The Tri-Return Training Idler easily replaces your existing return idlers
  • Supports your belt with 6 bearings, instead of the normal 2, on a standard roll
  • 3 roll design with center roll being horizontal and two outer rolls mounted at a descending angle
  • 5” diameter rolls with 3/8” Rubber Coating for added wear
  • Designed to fit the natural cup of the return belt
  • Can be modified to fit most any application
  • Adjustable brackets for on-site “fine tuning”

Wyatt Alignment Disks

Wyatt Alignment Disks can easily be installed on carry and return idlers.

Helps guard against belt misalignment on lightweight belts caused by wind gusts, off-centered surge loading, etc.

Eliminates belt damage and spillage caused by misalignment.

Available for 4’’, 5’’, and 6’’ roll diameters and available for 9’’ OD troughing idlers or for 9’’and 12’’ OD return idlers.

Effectively contains belts up to 42’’ wide and 3/8’’ thick.

This is a maintenance-free solution to potentially expensive problem.